Growing up I loved watching professional wrestling and although I knew I never wanted to be one, I always wanted to act like one. Throughout my years, I realized that life and management is like being a professional wrestler. After decades watching it (and not getting hurt from trying to reenact it), here are five major lessons I learned from professional wrestling that can be applied to life in general, especially to those who wish to manage and ascend.

#1 It’s scripted — so have a plan.

Surprise! Professional wrestling, now more appropriately called Sports Entertainment, is scripted — at…

Evaluations are one of this task items that managers and staff must complete, at least in the typical corporate office. Ideally, evaluations are used as tools to better both the employee and employer. At worst, it gives no feedback and just a platform to complain. If you are one of those types of managers that aspire to give feedback and is honestly wanting feedback to grow yourself and your company, then a proper evaluation session may be that win-win solution for that annual event.

Like most management topics, there are many opinions and theories on the best way to manage…

Derek Wong

Biology, MPH, MBA. Over 15 years of experience in the medical administration and project management arena. Managing employees both in person and remote.

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